A Birth/Newborn Story - North Bay Birth & Newborn Photographer

When a previous client comes to you wanting to do birth photos I couldn't say no! This was my dream to photograph a birth and its been a long time coming to get the first right client who would want to do them. I can tell you how much I was in love and honored of being the photographer to welcome baby Owen into this world! I loved every minute of it and swear that I could do this all the time. It was such a rush of emotion in the room as baby was ready to come out. Tears and smiles all around as Owen met his mom & dad for the first time. The images are beautiful and I'd thought I'd share some. Mom gave birth at 12:37AM in the comfort of her own home, all natural surrounded with supportive family members :)

A week later, he came in for his newborn portraits and I am so happy to have captured another baby of their family!