Baby Logan - North Bay Newborn Photographer

You know its such a compliment when a client books from another city and drives to my home studio in North Bay to do their session and ordering appointment. Baby Logan was such a little sweet heart during his session. He was so wide awake.. like he was my most awake baby I EVER had and he was just so chill about it. I was able to get him to sleep no problem with the last set ups and I'm so happy with the large variety from his gallery. He makes child number 6 and how much mom is just glowing!!

His mom and dad chose to invest in their art products (see last image) and I can't tell you how amazing it is it see your images printed large! In the last photo there is a 20x24 and (2) 16x20 fine art portraits along with a mini luxe album and gift prints in assorted sizes! They are still patiently awaiting their arrival of their photo blocks which is becoming our most popular product!! These photo blocks are hand crafted and imported from the Netherlands. A sweet family who owns it has mastered their craft in creating an heirloom quality art product that surely stands out! These photo blocks are only available to just over 3000 photographers in the WHOLE world and I am lucky to be one of them who can offer this exclusive product to clients!

If you are maybe thinking of booking, I strongly encourage you to book now for 2017!!

phone: 705 498 344

~ Holly ~