Its a New Year, New Things + My Baby Girl!!

In the past year (2015) there were a lot of changes for Lovely Creations Photography. After having my third child in late 2014, I went into 2015 with a different look on how I wanted to run my business and better serve my clients. There was something missing that I wasn't fully offering my clients a truly full service experience. I didn't like how I had to put up a gallery and wait weeks (even months) on end for some people to place their orders or choose their images. It was hard to communicate back and forth and really felt like a disservice to them. I would have people coming back to me asking where to print, telling me how hard it is to choose their images, etc. It was also hard to vision what a display of wall art would look like or knowing what a finished product would look like. For 2015, this meant an added service for my clients... In person viewing and ordering appointments after each session. This is when you would come back about 2 weeks after your session and we would view your images through a beautiful slideshow set to music. From there we would go through each and every one of them and I would be there to guide you through your whole ordering process and make recommendations for printed products and even making mock up displays of your own walls in my program.

I know that custom photography is not for everyone and it isn't cheap , but please remember when you are investing into your portraits, you are investing into your memories of your newborn, who will change drastically as the weeks go by, you are investing into your babies first year moments while the next thing you know they are going off to start school. Custom photography will probably will be one of the best investment you will make (speaking from a personal experience with getting my photos done). Definitely a better investment than an iPhone upgrade purchase or the next big hot ticket item that is in right now while your printed memories will be there for years to come....

Furthermore as I jump into 2016, I have a new look that I have been working on and also have decided to keep my work geared towards baby's first year (newborn to 1st birthday). So please if you have the time, take a look over our newly designed website and galleries that I have been working on! Other sessions such as family and/or older children will still be available annually during the summer or fall for our promotional events. Maternity sessions are always welcomed when you book a newborn session. 

If you are a past client reading this, I would absolutely your input on service quality (what has worked great and improvements that can be made). You can email me at Without your feedback I would not be able to continue to grow and better my services for you!! 

One thing I am proud to tell my clients now that when you hire me, you are hiring a verified Professional Newborn Photographer through the International Association of Professional Photographers. You are hiring me knowing I am specialized in newborn and baby photography and know how to safely handle and pose newborns and how to interact with little ones. I feel like this is an important factor when choose to invest into your professionally custom photo sessions!

Lastly!! Here is my baby girl, the one who has inspired be to continue to do what I love and capture baby's first year (check out our Baby Plan!!) I got to do what I wasn't able to do with my other two..was to capture her first year through professional photographs. And at the very end.. my oldest two!!